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Choosing a Healthy Lifestyle to Fit Your Budget

Losing weight, diets, FAT – these are words I hate. To be honest, these terms are used, thought about and talked about far too often. Instead, I like to focus on terms such as fit, healthy and lifestyle. When it comes to staying in shape, I have decided it is finding what works best for you and what allows you to enjoy exercising.

Spending money on a gym membership or a home gym can be expensive and not what you enjoy. This time when you are deciding how to get in shape, consider these 9 easy options to explore and see what you love and what keeps you motivated with a healthy lifestyle.

1: Walking

Timothy Gardner, MD said walking a few extra steps each day is a simple way to take a more active approach in your healthier life. For mothers, this is a great way to get your exercise in when the children are awake. Just because you are walking, don’t be afraid to push yourself. Once you are feeling better about your progress, head for hills, walk faster, or walk longer. All will help increase your strength and endurance and you might find you enjoy exercising outdoors with your children in tow.

2: Train for a Race

Running is one of the most efficient ways to get fit and burn calories and an enjoyable form of exercise. One reason so many people enjoy running is convenience. All you need are a good pair of shoes. But, it can be easy to put it off. To keep motivated, sign up for a race. This will get you out of bed in the morning when you would rather sleep.

3: Workout Videos

There is such a variety of work out videos to choose from these days. You can find one that excites you and makes you enjoy exercising. Yoga, Pilates, dancing, P90X, Insanity, etc. There are so many different options to help you lose weight from your own living room and find something you enjoy. Ask and around and look into the videos to find something you enjoy.

4: Jumping Rope

Roger Crozier, a competitive jump roping coach says the key to jumping is making sure you are doing it properly. “Stay on the toes. When you walk or run, you impact your heel. With rope jumping you stay high on your toes and use your body’s natural shock absorbers.” Crozier says beginners tend to jump higher than they need to. It is only required to come one inch off the ground. If done properly, jumping rope can be a fun way to exercise and a good option if running or walking is too much impact.

5: Cycling or Riding Bikes as a Family

For some, exercising comes down to ways to include the whole family. Riding bikes is one of those activities. Not only is bike riding a family activity, but it can be done inside or outside with the right equipment. The quick change in scenery while riding outside can make exercising more enjoyable.

6: Swimming

Swimming is a great weight loss option, especially for those people who need a low impact exercise or for those who are older. Swimming is something you can do as a family. Swimming uses many muscles and gives your cardiovascular system a good workout. You can tailor your workout to target those areas of your body that need the most help. A water aerobics class is also a great option if you aren’t a great swimmer.

7: Lifting Weights

Lifting weight isn’t just for body builders. It can be a very enjoyable exercise that can increase your strength. By lifting weights, you will burn calories, become stronger, lose fat and strengthen your heart. Lifting weights can be an enjoyable exercise you can easily do without spending too much money.

8: Setting Schedule of Different simple Exercises

If you are looking for a variety of lifting weights and cardiovascular exercises, make a schedule of different exercises and certain amount to do of each. Pushups, sit ups, squats, jumping jacks, burpees, mountain climbers, crunches. There is a huge variety of these types of exercises and different schedules available online. One example is here at Make sure you know how to do each exercise properly and you have the proper equipment if necessary to avoid injury.

9: Knowing What You Eat

Some people can’t find any exercise they enjoy, but they don’t mind counting calories and watching what they eat. Making adjustments to your diet is a necessity as well as exercising. Choosing to eat healthy doesn’t mean you have to starve yourself or eat cardboard, just be aware of what you are actually eating. Apps like MyFitnessPal help you realize how many calories, understand when you are eating, show correct portion sizes and show you how much you are eating. Find an App or different approach you enjoy to help you keep track of the food you eat, as well as the exercise you do.

Set a Goal and Start Today

Choosing to have a healthy lifestyle has to be something you enjoy. As you start finding exercises you enjoy, set small goals and don’t be afraid to try out different methods until you find something you love. Include others in your journey to enjoyable exercises and use them to keep you motivated. Regular exercise helps your mind and your body in more ways that you realize. Start testing different types to find what you love.