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Saving Health Care Costs as a Senior in a Tough Economy

Saving money in our current economy is extraordinarily important for nearly every member of our society today. For many some members of our society saving is more important than others. One of the largest sections of our society that really recognizes the importance of saving is our senior population.

Our seniors of today are people that know the value of saving a dollar here or a dollar there for several reasons.

  • Many seniors grew up during the Great Depression and haven’t forgotten what it was like to be in the middle of a banking crisis and recovery period.
  • seniors are living on a fixed income or rather an income that won’t see a big boost or change anytime soon and with inflation slowing raising her ugly head will want every dollar to count
  • On average, seniors spend more on their health care costs than other members of our society

Saving money for senior citizens is important for a lot of reasons especially when it comes to health care costs. Health care costs have continued to rise for a number of years and as a senior as your age increases usually so does you’re out of pocket costs for health care services. If you can locate ways to save dollars and cents from your daily expenses, these can add up to a big penny in your piggy bank. These are several tips for saving money as a senior on your health care costs.

Save on dental work by having your cleanings done at a local area dental college

Having your teeth cleaned at the dental college or school instead of a local dentist. Even having other work such as fillings, bridgework or root canals done with your regular dentist and only cleanings performed at the dental school could potentially save more than $100 a year for anyone that has cleanings every six months.

Get an itemized bill after you are discharged from the hospital

Get an itemized bill or a daily bill that specifies every detail of what you were charged for your day at the hospital is a great way to verify no errors were made or overcharges are being billed. Surprisingly many patients have found errors such as extra medications or even food trays on their bills that can average anywhere from $50 to hundreds of dollars. Getting these found and corrected is a wonderful way to keep these costs under control for your pocket book. Even if you have insurance, they shouldn’t pay for charges that aren’t yours either because you will more than likely be charged a copay amount or deductible after your insurance processes.

Free medications may be available through clinical trials

Many patients are finding they may be eligible for a clinical trial. Depending upon what type of clinical trial you belong to may get you medications for free. For an example, you can be a diabetic and a pharmaceutical company could ask you to test a diabetic test strip. They will provide them to you free of charge for the next six months if you provide honest feedback and opinion information. This means six months of free test strips.

Get your medical equipment used instead of new

Many medical suppliers and stores offer new or used equipment. Instead of considering new equipment you may want to find out if used is a better choice.

As a patient in need of bathroom assistance you may find the bars you need to install for assistance and support in your bathroom are quite expensive new. However, used bars in fairly good shape or almost new can save you anywhere from 30%-40% which can be substantial depending upon what equipment you need.

Find Affordable Senior Housing

One of the most important life events to plan for is moving to a senior living center. If you are unable to afford proper care, your family members may end up becoming responsible for caring for you as you age. One of the best things you can do is start saving now for your future. Working with adult care advisors will help you to get an idea of the costs and understand ways to save for care, and to find the right senior living center.

These are several great ways to save money in our current economy as a senior with your medical care and costs.