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Summer Vacation Entertainment without Going Broke

School is out and summer is in full swing! This means sports camps, swimming lessons, vacations, and other ways your money is being sucked out of your wallet. Not to mention, entertaining children who aren’t used to being home all day every day. Have this summer be full of adventures and fun family times without spending unnecessary amounts of money.

Tips to Save Money While Entertaining

Summer vacation doesn’t have to be long and agonizing for you or your children. Here are 10 ways to save money this summer while keeping your kids entertained and participating in events to keep them learning and growing.

  1. Plan your summer out and see what you have to afford and what you can cut back. By knowing exactly how you plan to spend your summer and your money, you will avoid spending extra money spontaneously.
  2. Buy season passes to places you visit often. Season passes are cheaper if you plan on going various times during the season. Make sure you plan on attending often enough to make the cost worth it.
  3. Google search your town and see what local attractions to take advantage of. Some theaters offer discounted movies in the middle of the day with children’s movies playing.
  4. Pay attention to your local library or grocery store. They have a calendar of town events. Take advantage of the different holiday celebrations around your area, including races and special events offered.
  5. Look into community camps. These camps will generally cost less and offer the same experience as the professional camps. Religious camps, city camps or high school and recreation camps are a good place to start.
  6. Search the local events happening at parks. Movies in the park, concerts in the park, fairs – all ways to entertain kids without spending lots of money.
  7. Participate in summer reading programs. Most community libraries do some sort of reading program to keep kids minds engaged over summer. Sign your kids up and take advantage of the events offered.
  8. Scale back on the family vacation. Think of different places to visit rather than the typical Disneyland, Hawaii, etc.
  9. Have some jobs for your kids to do around the neighborhood or even the house. Some children in our neighborhood came around offering to clean our outside garbage cans. Washing windows, mowing lawns, yard work, any type of job to get kids out, moving and learning the value of the dollar.
  10. Turn off electronics and let kids use their imaginations. Set limits on electronic devices. Chances are, if the TV, computers, tablets are off, kids will venture outside or find ways to entertain themselves.

You don’t have to be purely entertainment for your children over summer vacation, but having some adventures planned will make the time more enjoyable for everyone.

Plan Simple and Enjoy Summer Vacation with Your Children

Summer vacation doesn’t mean you have to hear, “I’m bored” over and over. Start planning now for ways to fill the summer with fun activities, camps and learning opportunities that don’t break the bank. Don’t think you have to spend large amounts of money keeping your kids entertained. Let your children plan adventures on their own as well as for the family. Just keep a clear budget in place and take advantage of free and low cost activities.